The UK's Premier WAV Manufacturer

Brotherwood®Brotherwood® have been converting vehicles for wheelchair accessiblility since 1985. Brotherwoods' customer service, attention to detail, and quality of engineering mean that their conversions have an outstanding reputation across the world. Brotherwood® are known as the innovators of the modern 'Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle', changing transport for the disabled from conspicuous high-roof vans to discreet everyday passenger cars.

Brotherwood WAVs enable wheelchair users to travel with comfort and safety, seated in their wheelchair, inclusively with their friends and family.

Brands available include Volkswagen, Ford, Peugeot, Nissan and Kia.

Their vehicle conversions are centred around the experience for the wheelchair user, considering every detail including:

  • Positioning the wheelchair user inclusively with the other passengers;
  • Engineering a low, flat, lowered floor, for comfort, good headroom and outward visibility;
  • Fitting a tested and approved restraint system, which is easy to use to secure the wheelchair during transit;
  • Making access and loading fast and easy with a shallow, lightweight, counterbalanced ramp.

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